About The Bavard Bar

"Avoiding life’s questions to give you the answers".

Come and hear three regular people share their passions for about 15 minutes each (subjects are kept secret until the night). And revel in the delights of audience wild cards, including the ‘KP Lite’ challenge, ‘Oojah Kappivvy’ and ‘Bohemia Road’.

Past subjects have included: Crop circles, Meteorite hunting, Taxidermy, Buddy Holly, Circuit bending and Damanhur.

Speakers are booked in advance and the audience wild cards are entirely voluntary. So sit wherever you like, as unlike a standard comedy night you will never be picked on.

And if you have a passion and would like to ‘bavard’, please contact me. My details are on the contact page.

You never know what you might hear. Or who you might meet.”