About The Bavard Bar

Based on a variety of talking events, the Bavard Bar (from the French verb ‘bavarder’ meaning ‘to chat’) is a celebration of us ‘regular’ folk. It is a place for us to come together and share what we love, what we’re passionate about. Our stories, sad or funny, ordinary or extraordinary.
Subjects and speakers are not disclosed before the night, so like a jamboree bag of sweets from the 60s and 70s, you never know what you’re going to get until you come along. Three speakers talk for about 15 minutes each, usually accompanied by visual images. And after each speaker there is time for questions from the audience, followed by an interval for drinking and live music provided by ‘Piano Man Dan’. Plus a bit of wild card improv nonsense with the 'KP Lite' challenge...
Past talks have been a wonderfully varied and eclectic mix. We’ve had everything from ‘Luxembourg’ to 'Lord HawHaw’, ‘Pythagoras’ to ‘Guitars from the 1600s’, ‘The interpretation of dreams’ to ‘The 90s Zine scene’ and ‘Autism’ to ‘Am Dram’.
Let’s celebrate each other. We are all wonderful and ‘expert' in our own unique, fabulous and brilliant ways. Come and join the growing BBC: the Bavard Bar Club. Not only might you hear the ‘thing' that lights your fire, who knows, you might even meet the person that does the same… Come and Bavard.


Come and listen and be inspired. Come and speak and be inspiring.