Past Bavards

20 December 2017, Kino-teatr, St Leonards

Stephen Brown ‘KP Lite’
Tessa Sambrook ‘KP Lite’
Isaac Quinn ‘KP Lite’

7 December 2017, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne

Andrew Ruffell ‘Education – my own meandering experiences’

David Bramwell ‘The world’s worst orchestra’

Podcasts: The Odditorium, Watling Street, Waterfront
Latest book: ‘The Mysterium’ –
Mat Homewood ‘KP Lite’
Tracy Owen ‘KP Lite’
Tim Crook – Intro to the BB Xmas Special

2 November 2017, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne

Giles Ingham – ‘KP Lite’
Tim Crook – ‘Intro and Eery Eastbourne’
Dr Jo-Anne Bichard – ‘Potty Mouth’
James Hunt – ‘Hardknott Roman fort’
Ken Mackriell – ’The Spartan Mirage’

18 October 2017, Kino-Teatr, St. Leonards

Stephen Gordon – ‘The history and development of guitars from the 1600s to the present day’

Gareth Stevens – ‘Snakes and Paths’
Luciana Haill – ‘Flicker and Phosphenes – a drugless high’

Jane Gordon – KP Lite

5 October 2017, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne

Jenna Matthews ‘More than a theorem’
Tim Crook: ‘Me and Macular D’
Ben Bailey:: ‘Patriotic Paperbacks’
Andrew Ruffell: ‘KP Lite’
Paul Eccles: ‘KP Lite’

27 September 2017, Kino-teatr, St Leonards

Richard Thomas: ‘Interpretation of dreams’
Joel Griggs: ‘Bath time’
Sarah Janes:: ‘Occult Hastings’

7 September 2017, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne

Tim Crook: ‘Introduction to the Bavard Bar and PK Lite’
Catherine Newell: ‘Autism – a love story’
Neal Robinson: ‘Fire investigation’
Dan Hume: ‘The Emperor of the USA’

3rd August 2017, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne

Andrew Ruffell: ‘Guest compere’
Ruthanne Garrett: ‘False friends and awkward hand movements’
Ross Gurney-Randall: ‘Lord HawHaw’
Michael Eccles: ‘Hair’

19th July, Kino-teatr, St Leonards-on-Sea :

Tim Crook: ‘A brief history of modern talking events, from TED to the BB’
Ann Karas: ‘Five things you never knew you didn’t know about a country you’ve never heard of’

An American in Luxembourg
Fat Old Man

Tim Crook: ‘The Bob Graham Round and other stories’
The Bavard Bar Facebook Page

6th July 2017, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne:

Richard Garland ‘In Pursuit of Peak Experience’

Gradient Consultants Facebook Page
Gradient Consultants Website

Mike Ogilvie: ‘Why big companies don’t care’

Be Mad Not Sad Facebook Page
OBC Accountants Website

Matt Shore: ‘A right old dance’

Train Strong Facebook Page
Train Strong Website

1st June, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne:

Andrew Ruffell and his passion for ‘Running and the Great Outdoors’

Friends of Hailsham Harriers Facebook Group

Mel Elliott and her passion for ‘Design and creativity and Dead Slebs’

Open – Facebook Page
OPEN by I Love Mel

Michael Eccles and his passion for ‘Amateur Dramatics’
Tim Crook gives an introduction to The Bavard Bar

24th May, Kino-teatr, St Leonards:

Mat Homewood and his passion for ‘Edwardian drunks in Sussex’

Traditional Family Trees Website

Fiona Bugler and her passion for ‘The Irish and endurance sports’


Ben Bailey and his passion for ‘Zines’

30th March, Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne:

Mat Homewood and his passion for ‘Bizarre Sussex Sports’

Traditional Family Trees Website




Cole Moreton and his passion for ‘Heart-transplants’