People with a passion entertain and enthrall

At the Bavard Bar, three speakers talk about their passions for 15 minutes each, with time for questions (and drinking) after each speaker.

Intentionally ‘unprofessional’, with an emphasis on ‘ordinary’ people (ie, everyone), if you like what you hear at the Bavard Bar and want to share your passion, you will be very welcome. Simply tell Tim and you can have a speaking slot at a future Bavard Bar.

Share in the passions of other people, from the odd to the ordinary, the sad to the funny. And if you’ve a passion to share, let’s hear it.

Come bavarding, and let’s stir our collective passions…

Be entertained, enthralled and energised

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“Great evening, fantastic speakers, came away totally energised.”

Bean Arno, 5 June 2017



“Thank you Bavard Bar. Moments of real human connection.”

Niurka Barroso, 2 April 2017,




“Thank you Tim Crook and everyone one else for putting on a thoroughly splendid evening at the Bavard Bar. The speakers I found to be engaging, compelling, moving and entertaining. A new type of night for myself and for Eastbourne but one I shall be repeating. Congratulations.”

Andrew Ruffell, 31 March 2017